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Radio Stories – Moving Two Radio Stations In mid March of 1985, it was announced that Capital Cities Communications had officially launched a bid to buy the American Broadcasting Company. Capital Cities who?? That was the general reaction to this … Continue reading

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Radio Stories – The Year 1977

The year 1977….is this a radio story, or one of “normal” life?  Well, 1977 was a pretty eventful year in my life, so I guess I’d have to say some of both.  Let’s see…it was the last year I worked … Continue reading

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Cranky Old Fart

Yep…that’s me….or so it seems! Look, I am the first to admit that I am not 25 anymore…hell, I’m not 55 anymore….but do things make me cranky just because I’m old?  Come on, I work with young people every day … Continue reading

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