For 44 years I made a pretty good living for my family as an audio engineer at various NYC radio stations, but if you asked me what I really wanted to be when I grow up, I’d say “a writer”. I’ve always had a way with words and have been called on many times to help craft a resume, or an application, or even a speech, but this blog is all about me….things I’ve seen, experiences I’ve had, and thoughts on anything and everything. This is about me growing up, and being a writer and telling some of the many stories I’ve gathered over the years in radio!  Hope you enjoy!  Thanks for stopping by….

Frank D’Elia

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  1. Warren Cosford says:

    GREAT tribute to George Michael. Thank you. I, too, worked in radio for many years…. mostly with CHUM Toronto.

  2. Steve Cohen says:

    Hi Frank,
    I knew a lot of the men in This is the Army have written about the show. (I’m a journalist.) I’d love to see a photograph of the famous box. Could you send one please?

  3. Hi Frank! The program is Classical Portraits and I’m your host Andy Bellenkes. Greeting from Austria, old friend! I came across your BLOG site and would very much enjoy getting back in contact now…gad zooks!…almost 48 years since we last saw each other.

    • Oh my God Andy! So good to hear from you!! This is very odd because just this last week, the WCWP Alumni Association sent out an email, looking for “missing” alumni and YOUR NAME was on the list! I’ve been thinking about you a lot since then! I have such great memories of our time together. Like the time we drove home from a Chambers Singers concert in your Maverick singing Christmas Carols all the way. Or the time we went to Europe and shipped my Capri home to Port Newark and you drove me to pick it up! A lifetime ago, but still such great memories of our time together!

  4. Hi Frank and Sue! It’s WONDERFUL to be back in contact with you. An email is on its way. Best regards from the Tirol! – Andy

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