Cranky Old Fart

Yep…that’s me….or so it seems!

Look, I am the first to admit that I am not 25 anymore…hell, I’m not 55 anymore….but do things make me cranky just because I’m old?  Come on, I work with young people every day and have a good relationship with them.  Many of them are even younger than my 3 kids, and we seem to get along.  I don’t think I come off as an old coot, but if I am being honest, there are so many stupid things that I see every day that piss me off. I wonder, is it just that I am of that age where these things piss me off?  Is it a matter of our patience level dropping inversely proportionate to our chronological age?  Or could it be that after a lifetime of living and working in NYC, I just have had my fill of stupidity?  I’m not talking about life altering events, but most of the time what I am talking about are stupid little things, but yet they do get to me.  What kind of things you ask?  Well…

Okay…so how about the fact that the up escalator you want to take is not working?  You stand in line, patiently following the person in front of you, only to discover as you step on that the treads are not moving!  And then to add insult to injury, as you climb to the next level, you realize once again that escalator treads were designed not to walk on, but to be part of a machine.  Oh, and to add salt in the wound, you walk by the same escalator 10 minutes later and it’s running!  This one tends to get to me at least once a week because on any given day it seems like about half the escalators in Penn Station aren’t running!

Or how about people pulling roller bags?  Walk around Manhattan on any given day and you have to wonder how we functioned before they we’re invented? From giant suitcases that most of us could live out of for a year, to small back packs, they seem to be everywhere.  I understand the normal size roller bags.  They’re great and yes we do use them when we travel, but I see more and more small bags being pulled every day.  How much stuff do you need to take with you to work?  Do you really need rolling wheels on a backpack?  And if you do, could you please be a little more aware of the folks around you so that they don’t trip over them in a crowd?  Oh, and please…don’t stop at the top of an escalator to pull the handle out again so that the rest of us have no place to go when we get to the top!!   The absolute best is when you come upon someone pulling two huge suitcases behind them.  The poor folks are killing themselves pulling all their worldly possessions, and do a very effective job of being a slow moving road block for the rest of us!  Come on folks….how about spending one second thinking about the rest of us in the world?

Oh, and speaking about walking in Manhattan, how about you all put your smart phones back in your pockets and just walk!  Seems that the same folks who can’t drive while talking on the phone also can’t walk while talking on the phone, unless their ultimate plan was to wander down the sidewalk in a zig zag pattern at a very slow rate!  But even worse than the talkers, are the folks who decide to text and even to watch videos while “walking” down the street!  Are you kidding me??  It happens on the street, it happens during rush hour in Penn Station, and it even happens while walking up and down stairs!  What is so important that you can’t wait?  When did it become my responsibility to watch out for you as you blindly traverse the streets of one of the busiest cities in the world??  Frankly, I am surprised that walking while texting isn’t a bigger cause of pedestrian death in NYC because I have seen people blindly step off the curb on the corner of 34th Street and Seventh Avenue in the middle of the day, and step into traffic only to be woken out of their stupor by the horn of the city bus barreling down on them!

Then there are the people on the train…oh the people on the train!!  30+ years traveling every day on the Long Island Rail Road and I think I have probably seen and heard everything!  The cell phone conversations, the headphones that are so loud you can hear the music 4 rows away, the folks who take a whole row of seats with their crap while others are standing, the drunks, those eating every meal you can imagine, the folks who stand in the aisle while you’re trying to get on or off, the families coming home from a Christmas show who think it’s fine to let their kids scream all the way from Penn Station to Mineola ( and then get off at Mineola!  Yikes!!) Then there are the conductors!  There are the quiet ones who sneak up on you to punch your ticket, the ones who think they are doing an audition every time they open the PA mic, the ones who take the simplest announcement and turn it into a theatrical monologue, and the ones who hide in their little booths when the train is crowded or late or screwed up in some way that only the LIRR can manage!  Ah, the Long Island Rail Road.  When it’s good, it’s good…and that’s most times. But when it’s bad…look out!

Then there are the folks on the road on Long Island and everywhere in the metro area. There’s a lot of road rage out there and a lot of folks who are more important than the rest of us!  Stop signs?  Aw hell, there just advisory right?  Right turn on red….just go, someone else will stop.  Sit in the left lane of the Long Island Expressway or the Garden State Parkway and drive 10 miles under the speed limit…no problem. Talk on your phone and drive the same way you walk in Manhattan…absolutely no problem. Hell, you’re important and your time is precious…not like the rest of us you arrogant SOB!!

Okay…see what I mean?   Cranky old fart, right?  Well, I’m sorry, I am just so tired of the careless folks who are more important than us. The folks who cut the line, who drive through a gas station rather than wait at the light with the rest of us, and the folks who could care less about the rest of the world. Come on you jack asses….we’re all in this world together…how bout acting like you understand that?  Road rage…yea I understand and am happy New York has stringent gun laws….I can only imagine what would happen if we all had a gun. Oh those poor cell phone addicts!  As Mr. T use to say, “I pity the fool

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